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Gain a general overview of IHT, including what it is and what can be done to reduce its impact (including life insurance policies, gifts and bona fide trusts). Watch the full video here.


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Xero can relieve you of a significant burden by taking care of all of your business needs,from bookkeeping and payroll to real time cashflow information.Find out more…

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We are specialist business advisers for the recruitment sector. Check out our recruitment page full of essential tools and advice to help you get the most out of your agency. Find out more…

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There is no getting away from it, auto enrolment is here. Find out everything you need to know and access all of the resources you need. Find out more…

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Shared Parental Leave and Your Business News 02/09/15

Earlier this year parents were given new rights, which allow them to take shared leave following the birth or adoption of their child. This change came into effect in April 2015 and entitles parents to split a total of up to 50 weeks of leave and 37 weeks of statutory pay between them, provided of course they meet the requirements.

Residential Lettings and the Summer Budget News 01/09/15

The current tax year (2015/16) has been interesting with not one, but two budgets. The ‘Summer’ Budget brought some dramatic changes, which will have a direct impact on individuals and companies owning UK residential properties. Below provides you with information on those changes and details when these will come into effect:

Managing Risk for Charities: The Basics Blog by Suda Ratnam

Charities are extremely sensitive to risk, more so than companies, which is why it is heavily encouraged that they implement a strategy to protect themselves from potential threats.


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Introducing iZettle 22/09/15

61,000 UK businesses use Xero and with the new add-on, iZettle, you now have everything you need to start, run and improve your business in one place.

Golf Day 2015 07/09/15

Following the success of our 2014 Annual Charity Golf Day, we are pleased to announce that our ninth Golf Day will be held in September 2015.

Recruitment Industry Network 04/11/14

Our Network brings together professionals and key figures in the recruitment industry to discuss the most pressing matters in the sector.